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Rambach, Laura Leigh Principal
Hardyman, Donald Assistant Principal

Aaron, Stacey 6th Grade English & Spelling
Barrow, Sandra 5th Math/Reading, 6th Math/Reading
Bell, Holly 6th Grade Math
Blackmon, Monica 6th Grade Science
Blaney, Jennifer 7th grade Science
Bonds, Tammy 5th Reading
Bradley, Schwayn General Music Teacher
Burnham, Debra Lunchroom Manager
Clifton, Julie Counselor
Ellington, Joe 7th grade English
Ewing, Katrina 6th Grade Social Studies
Fillmore, Rachael Computer Essentials
Hardyman, Donald Assistant Principal
Howard, Erin 5th Grade Science
Hudson, Lesli Resource Teacher (7th and 8th grade)
Hunt, Taylor Special Education
Johnson, Adriane Media Specialist
Johnson, Bailey 6th Reading
Killam, Daniel 8th Grade Social Studies
Miller, Lois 8th Grade Math
Norris, Tracey Art
Patterson, Ray 8th grade Science
Phillips, Darryl physical education/coach
Pitts, Natalie 5th Grade English
Rogers, James Band
Salter, Ashley 7th Grade Math
White, John 7th Grade Social Studies
Wiggins, Susan 5th Grade Math
Williamson, Meagan 8th Grade English

Coleman, Debbie Aide
Howard, Sara Office Aide
Murphy, Allison Bookkeeper
Parker, April Aide
Smith, Lottie Aide